The Refocus-it GIMP plug-in, released under GNU General Public License (GPL), can be used to refocus images acquired by a defocused camera, blurred by gaussian or motion blur or any combination of these.

There are a few nice features of this plug-in, especially adaptive / static area smoothing used to remove the so called "ringing" effect introduced by edges in the image and effects introduced by noise. Mirror and periodical boundary conditions are available. Preview helps you select the best parameters.

There are a few NOT nice features of this plug-in as well, namely its memory and CPU requirements.

The algorithm is based on finding the minimum of the error function using Hopfield neural network.


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This is a snapshot of text document acquired by a defocused camera. The blur radius is about 6.5 (determined by a try / error method).

Defocused snapshot of text document.

Simple restoration

The first restored image shows result of restoration with following parameters:

Refocused snapshot of text document with noise.

Notice the amplified noise in the restored image.

Restoration with noise reduction

The second image was restored using these parameters:

Refocused snapshot of text document with noise smoothed.

Notice that the amplified noise has been partialy removed.

Restoration with area smoothing

The last snapshot shows result of restoration with parameters:

Refocused snapshot of text document with noise removed.

Notice the benefit of adaptive area smoothing. The noise has almost disapeared from the smooth areas.


Download from SourceForge download page. The GIMP graphics program can be downloaded from GIMP home page



This plug-in was written by Lukas Kunc. Please mail your comments, questions and problems to Logo

Sponsored by Pension Ceske chalupy.